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Only GOD could've

Today's problem. Tomorrow's solution.

My mother taught me well to never mistreat another and I took this lesson to heart so deep to heart that I began to translate it into a duty to stand up for and protect others anytime that I could. And I did. The only problem was that I was way more committed than even the adult men that I sometimes stood against at age 15. When my sights set on a bully or hateful group of men I hit them head on offering fights against an number of them even when I stood alone. Eventually the mistake was made by one of the adult men who decided to introduce weapons into our relations. This in no way shook or changed my course. In fact it motivated me to go even harder after them and to respond with some answers of my own that weren't even street legal.

I stood ready to sacrifice all to assure that the boys and men who thrived to intimidate and belittle others were terrorized by me. I even swore a solitude oath that I would always go further than they would even if I had to die but not before assuring to wipe their hateful @$$es off the planet first. At age 15, 16, & 17 this was my mission. THEY, ...were my mission. I fought them weekly and went to jail over it monthly. But I still would never let up. This is because I was a natural born a Protector who was overfilled with Combat Energy and cat like athleticism. It was as if I was designed and constructed to serve in the exact fearless way that I was serving. I was a genius at the game of violence and quickly became a superior expert with speed, power and agility that no one could even contest. And I kept the integrity of it pure by never using it in a wrong way or against an innocent. I unleashed it only on those who deserved it.

Eventually in my youth, I confused a moment of desperation and confusion as a moment where I was righteous to initiate violent measures. I was wrong. Blessed that no one was at all hurt during the situation but the deed itself placed SWAT teams and Marshalls on my @$$ from Wyoming to St. Louis until I was finally captured. Even though I was never one of selfish deeds or any sort of ill intent toward another, I definitely was a pride filled combatant who would stand to the death against anyone who dared to offer a threat of death at me. Even the cops. ESPECIALLY, ... the cops. And if you read the story below you will see how it went.

I can think of numerous times as a teenager when I should had been possibly shot dead even by cops who would have been in the right to do it at that moment. But they didn't. Regardless of what some person who did not know me would have wanted the cops to gun me down, the cops didn't and now I am the person that many trust and count on today. And I am the person the you know today. And you would not know me now if any of those cops had been hot heads who didn't truly believe that their number one job was to protect ALL human life at all times. They behaved superior to the way that I behaved.

I caution you to keep who I was then, and who I am now in mind when ever you see any child that you feel should be given up on. That mischievous, confused, misunderstood, strong willed child at one time was me. And the forgiving chances that I was constantly given became a part of me that now extends that same ideas of hope and care to others.

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