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Killed with Kindness!

It has been said that we can learn more in a short conversation with the right person, than we could learn in 4 years of college. I am a living testimonial to tell you that this statement holds weight!

This chapter "Bad Boy's Graduate School" from Muay Thaiger tells of my life moment as a confused young teenager loaded with aggressive anger, superior fighting skills, unflinching fearlessness, an addiction for risk taking, a self sworn vow to never accept crap from anyone regardless, topped off with an attitude of nothing to lose, and nothing to gain. Only everything to prove. And while my mind was trapped in this self destructive perception, my body was confined to the horrible place that they build for people who thought along the same lines that I did. I am accurate in saying that this was the worse time of my life. And it was during this time of self worthlessness that I learned the most important lesson of my life from a man that I had just met in that moment.

The lesson that I learned was that we all can touch the heart of even the hardest person with the right words and manner in which we treat them. I know this to be true because I was committed with dominating strength to my way that I even knew flirted with death itself. I felt abandoned, alone, deceived, oppressed, and dared. I was constantly looking for a reason to explode and destroy myself while taking out whoever lit my fuse. My life was valueless when up against my pride.

This chapter of Muay Thaiger shows how the words and manner of prison Warden Duane Shillinger towards me, disarmed my anger, calmed my spirit, and planted the initial seed that eventually sprouted to liberate me from myself, and enlightened me to understand the deep importance to always be benevolent to all that I have power or strength over. And to use my advantages over others only to serve or aid them, never to belittle or seek advantage over them.

Enjoy reading "Bad Boy's Graduate School" and spend a few moments in one of my life's most important moments. The moment that sparked the light that lit the path that led me to become the person that you know today. Please let me know what you think about the chapter in the comments and feel free to ask any questions.

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Rest in peace Duane Shillinger. Your legacy lives through me and many others. You showed me that the true strength of the warrior is to be kind and caring to those who you don't have to be kind and caring to. And more importantly, to be kind and caring to those who you don't want to be kind and caring to. I will never betray what you taught and lived. I'll see you soon.

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