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Books written by JERMAINE ANDRE'

The most valuable thing that we have to offer each other is information about our life experiences and the ways that we succeeded through them.  This process of solidarity empowers us to empower another with the knowledge to avoid the mistakes that we could not dodge, and vice versa.  The passing of information from person to person is a magical blessing to the receiver, of the advantaging strengths of an experience that he or she never has experienced.  Most could never fathom that the passing of information is key to the development, progress, behavior, and existence of mankind.  I, however observe it as a holy law over me as an author.  

Every book that I write prioritizes this factor in front of, beside & behind every topic that I bring to life with my writings.  My books are created to serve the betterment of all men first, before seeking or accepting recognition, compensation, applaud, or even approval, because the value of true information is more valuable to mankind than anything that mankind has created.  The information that I pass on through my books was learned, tested & proven under fast moving, high risk situations where mistakes where not excused, they cost something that could never be recovered.  This inevitable tone of my life conditioned me to become fearless, smart, aware, combative, self assured, and grateful for all while never blaming another.  I developed a resilience so strong that I gained the insight to seize total control of my life and the one's within it who were bringing bad situations around me.  The truths of the information that I remained honest toward fortuned me with elevated calm, true happiness, and the enlightenment of real inner peace.   And it is these truths that freed me from others and then from myself, that I am passing on to you through my books.  My writings are the formula and guidebooks to the "edge" that you can see in me with your own eyes.  And I want you to have it.



Book Jermaine Andre' to speak to your audience or train your group! His unique manner of old fashion respect, bold honesty, sincere kindness, primitive fearlessness, combined with his chiseled, combat ready physique, instantly seizes the attention of those who see or hear him.  And his validated hard knox pedigree of overcoming & succeeding a lifetime of sometimes lethal struggles, will KEEP their attention.  Jermaine speaks to the audience with intentions of communicating, not just to spew words.  His warrior sworn honesty oath frees his words to be bold & direct without fear or shame to say the things and give the answers that most would never consider.  Jermaine's no punches pulled style of presenting is appreciated & enjoyed by audiences that he engages.  Jermaine is the ultimate package that can not be mimicked or matched by any other speaker or trainer.  Jermaine Andre' is a powerful pillar of truth that inspires & influences those who get the chance to hear him speak.

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