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"You'll shoot your eye out!

"You'll shoot your eye out!"

To most this is remembered as a funny part in the movie "Christmas Story" where a little boy learned a lesson about the danger of a bee bee gun after ignoring his mother's warnings. I would like to point out the other lesson behind this scene that carries far more weight than this one.

It's obvious that this kids mother was not for children and weapons and she took her stance by trying to keep her son away from guns. Her method was to intimidate him with what bad could happen if he ever touched one, and not allowing him to get his hands on a gun. Well, the movie shows us all how that worked out. Now please allow me to give you a more upgraded, O.G. child type of story that is REAL!

I learned this lesson with a 9mm Berretta as a teen but in a far more dangerous way. My parents hated guns so they never taught me anything about them and never allowed me to learn anything about them. I was restricted from owning, using or touching them ever by them. Pfftttt... Not a good thing to tell a youngsta of Combat Energy. I LOVED guns and I was not going to adopt the attitude towards them that my parents had and I knew this at age 12!

So of course I went to learn guns at the place of HIGHER EDUCATION for youth of "less or no opportunities", ...the STREETS!

I easily purchased a brand new 9mm Berretta and was now free to do whatever I wanted to, without their supervision. If my parents weren't going to help me on this adventure, then I would do it just like the kid from Christmas Story, without their permission.

I took my "strap" to a rest stop off of the highway where no one but me was present. I figured I was far enough from where anyone could hear the shot. I went into one of the bathrooms and picked a bathroom stall "wall" to put a bullet through. I was finally going to get to be Mel Gibson with the hottest new gun on the market. This was one of the best days of my childhood.

I fired the brand new, mint condition 9mm Berretta into the bathroom stall wall and watched closely as I did it. I wanted to see it penetrate that metal. But that IS NOT what happened!

After a BANG that almost made me go deaf, the bullet hit the target but DID NOT do what I imagined it was going to do! That little $astard bounced off of the target, went zipping to a brick wall, bounced again, and came flying back at me to make where it made it's final stop on my thigh!

By the grace of God's guardian angels (who I'm sure I am personally responsible for retiring many of) it only stung like a bee sting and caused no damage. However, it DID cause some success.

After this incident the next thing that I went to get myself educated on about guns was the SAFETY of them. A great lesson learned a hard way that truly could have ended up with my eye being put out. Not a good way for a child to learn.

Allow me to simplify my point. I do my best to educate the parents of my youth students on this one as much as possible. This is a truth that we must face over our "parent ego"...

"If YOU DON'T teach your kids about it, the STREETS WILL!"

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