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My KRU Ron Smith still KICKING!

I am blessed to have a Kru (teacher) who consistently sets examples of how Martial Arts training is a way of life that one can do forever.

Ron Smith accompanied me during & after my full fight career, inside and outside of the arenas. He trained, congratulated and kept me grounded through all of my wins. And he carried me without shame during my heartbreaking loss.

Ron sacrificed his time, holidays, & even work to aid my success in every way that he could during my fight career. So much that even his wife supported me through him with her sacrifices of holidays without Ron because he was with me out of town at my fights. This did not go un-noticed by me. I held & still hold him in my highest honor.

The respect & consideration that I held for Ron saved my life and the lives of many unaware others, several times when I was zoned in to destructively engage with targeted individuals whose unclean acts had tallied high enough to convince me that it was worth sacrificing myself to sacrifice them.

Ron was able to stop me during these peaked moments when my decision had been justifiably made to take fearless action without hesitation against a deserving culprit. This dominating force had been with me for years dating back to my childhood when it was so powerful that even my parents couldn't stop me when I made that silent promise.

3 times Ron stopped me when I was in this self justified mindset. It was a Godsend that he happened to be with with me at those moments let alone able to actually stop me. And this is what must be clarified.

Ron wasn't able to stop me because he was (and still is) an authority over me. When I am locked into that Pitbull mentality, authority has no influence or control over me. Only the mission that I am sworn to complete does.

Those moments when I stopped for Ron wasn't because I was shaken by his voice or calmed by his presence. Neither was I convinced to reconsider my plan. In fact, minimal was said by Ron. He only asked me not to do that which he knew I was going to do.

When Ron asked something of me at those moments I knew it was very important to him, because he had never before asked me to do anything outside of fight training for the benefit of my career. He ever asked me for favors, help or even deserved payback. These three things were the only things that he ever asked of me and he didn't beg, plead or try to convince me. He only asked politely.

My silent pledge of honor towards Ron includes a clause to never allow myself or any other person, thing, or situation that I can control to cause Ron any type of harm, pain, discomfort, embarrassment, or distraught. My commitment to this rule liberated me while angry to prioritize Ron's concerns before my own when he chose to step out of his own character to ask something of me. If I would have disregarded his discomfort & concern I would have broken my sworn oath. And I WAS NOT going to do that. So instead, I stopped my planned act without remorse.

What I am wanting to reveal through my extended story is that when we make a committed decision of sincere selflessness towards another person, the gravity of that force is so strong that it can extend out from them to surprisingly save us during a moment when we need to be saved from OURSELF!

My good towards Ron saved me through him when I was overtaken by my own bad. This too can work for you.

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