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What is a "Warrior's Edge"?

Updated: Feb 25

What does it mean to have a Warrior's Edge? I will do my best to assure that you have a clear understanding on what it means to have a Warrior's Edge, before I begin the process of guiding you on how to get it. I'm confident that most are familiar with the popular use of the term "edge" alone. It is usually used to reference the behavior, or describe a person who is confident, successful, motivated and seemingly advantaged over his or her associates. A person who is identified as having an edge also may have a manner that announces the edge within.

It is common knowledge that a person with an "edge' is usually winning in that which he chooses to focus on which is commonly an occupation, future goal, success targeted schooling, sports with big payday promises, etc... The motivating factors for most beholders of this modern edge can be identified through the returns that are being gained from activities where their edge is activated.

This "edge" that most common people are familiar with, forms a powerful state of being in a person. It is a trait that is looked up to, respected and even feared by some. It is a mindset that drives human beings to get and maintain that which they want. Sometimes it can make it's beholder unstoppable which is great until an important reason to stop surfaces. The edge is powerful and to be respected. However, it is not cut from the same cloth that The Warrior's Edge is cut from.

The biggest difference between the "edge" and The Warrior's Edge is the motivation. The driving force behind the "edge" is the desire to gain something. There is a reward that encourages and validates the behavior making it worth the trouble of being that "way." This is not so with the Warrior's Edge.

The Warrior's Edge is not driven or motivated by what can be gained from possessing it. The Warrior's Edge is inevitable. It's sincerity is equal during winning, neutral and losing situations. The Warrior's Edge does not lessen, compromise, or abandon because of complexity, mishap or stillness during life's moments. The Warrior's Edge remains, regardless. This is because the Warrior's Edge is motivated solely by a priceless force that no man or woman can give, buy, take, borrow, inherit, or loan. It is a force that belongs to all men and women as 1, and when it is initiated with true sincerity, the heavens are awakened by it.

This power that is a divine, indestructible weapon gifted to all mankind to wield exclusively in the defense of all, is the immortal force in the Warrior's Edge. The power of, ..."integrity". The power who's value is to high to be seen to by the richest of men because it alone belongs to all men. And it is its presence of within The Warrior's Edge that give it an extra edge.

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Jermaine Andre


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