The Way of the Surgeon

FANTASTIC BOOK for MARTIAL ARTISTS to read so far! Here's why!

The most honorable thing that a Warrior can do during battle is to accept loss and/or death with fearlessness. To me this was always a superior and supreme mindset that no other stood above! ...until I read this...

Dr. Maclin's & Dr. Goin's comparison of victory for the warrior on the battlefield and victory for the surgeon in the surgery room offered a new mindset of superiority that I was never even able to consider until I read this passage. Read it on the page that I posted below and highlighted in yellow, and you will understand. Especially if you are cut from the warrior cloth.

In all 3 outcomes of combat for the warrior, honor can be found as long as he or she was brave. Here are the 3 possible outcomes.

1. kill the enemy 2. be killed by the enemy 3. kill each other

If you read the passage that I posted in Dr. Mac's book you will see that the surgeon doesn't have those 3 paths of honor. I wont spoil it for you. Read and see.