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The "Warrior's Edge" UnCENSORED Topics

Updated: Feb 25

The "Warrior's Edge" is an inner force that no one can take from you. It commands you to be resilient, appreciative, daring, accepting, ambitious, forgiving, strict, cautious, alert, calm, satisfied, and much more. It empowers you to be adaptable.

"Warrior's Edge" blog is filled with no punches pulled words from me. I discuss topics that will help you to develop the Warrior's Edge for yourself if you choose. From mindsets; tips; habits; decision making tactics; exercises; strategies and more, ...Warrior's Edge is where you can learn the secrets that helped to make me the respected icon that I am today, and continue to guide me on my path of progress, happiness, and care for others.

Here is a list of some topics that are now in Warrior's Edge blog or soon to come:

  1. Why we shouldn't accept for free that which we wouldn't pay for.

  2. Never do for money that which you would never do for free.

  3. Don't cry more for yourself than you ever have for another.

  4. Beware who you allow to trust in you.

  5. How to pimp your haters.

  6. Don't need wrong to be right.

  7. Someday you will die today.

  8. Don't acquire that which you would betray your integrity to keep.

  9. Take the blame to seize control.

  10. Losing. The priceless lesson.

  11. Secrets hold until there is something more valuable to be gained for giving the secret.

  12. How to always be at an advantage.

  13. Best defenses are unknown.

  14. Don't let down those who look up to you.

  15. Excuses are for the weak.

  16. Why saying "I'm sorry" is a pathetic & selfish.

  17. How our wants make us weak.

  18. Self Bullying.

  19. Guaranteeing correct decision making.

  20. Respect of enemy heroes.

  21. Picking the right times & reasons to fight.

  22. How accepting death invigorates life.

  23. Accepting pity makes one pitiful.

  24. Why tardiness expresses arrogance.

  25. The life cost of integrity.

  26. Why compensation corrupts a good deed.

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