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The "WARRIOR'S EDGE" incoming!

Updated: Feb 25

"Warrior's Edge" blog is here. This is the platform where I disclose the strategies, mindsets, behaviors, exercises, programming protocols, and more of some of mankind's most powerful & dominating ways to survive and succeed life. Ways of strength & will that fortuned me to succeed a dangerous, high risk life, while maintaining and extending values of integrity & care.

The Warrior's Edge is a force too strong for most of mankind to wield or even hold for a short period. The depth of a man's "wants" combined with the comfort to extinguish justified guilt by excuse rots away personal integrity which is that which the Warrior's Edge extends from. And since it is an approval of the norm to abandon integrity for personal gain & service of self, the Warrior's Edge is invisible and untouchable to them.

The Warrior's Edge liberates one from people, places, things, and even thoughts that constantly lure us from the discovery of our inner self and true life. It rescues us from our need of those who we borrow crumbs of life from while they direct our life to benefit theirs. The Warrior's Edge is a force of power and strength that reveals the true elements and factors of peace and freedom.

The initial required element of The Warrior's Edge is "self clarity". It may seem minute because it is silent, still, formless and harmless because it truly is just a "thought". However, this soft, non suggestive description is the key that makes and breaks The Warrior's Edge in someone. Because without true self clarity, there is no Warrior's Edge, and here's why.

To attain true self clarity the seeker must search unbiasedly within to discover and realize our own truths including even the horrible, embarrassing, disgusting truths that we may not want to admit to or think about. The discovery and admittance of our true self frees us from our personal oppression and restrictions allowing our mind to open and see some of which we missed before. We better understand our self and better know what to watch out for with our self because we know our capabilities. This positions us to monitor and control our self at all times. In other words, we begin to "master" our self. Yes. It is a step into the higher level of human thinking and behavior. Simply admitting to who we truly are.

Now I know my introduction & description of self clarity earlier in this writing may have made it appear to be powerless with no power of force. Well, it isn't.

The strength that we gain from self clarity is that it validates us so deeply on who we are, that no other person could ever intimidate, manipulate, trick, or convince us to doubt or betray our self. The clarity that is developed from looking within, shifts to provide us with the clarity to see through those who try to deceive us. Self clarity becomes our invisible body armor that deflects manipulating efforts.

Now you have a key initial ingredient for The Warrior's Edge. Feel free to go for it if you would like to.

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Jermaine Andre


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