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"Why do you want 1 year paid in full up front with no refunds for your 1%ers training Master Chief Instructor", I was asked by an interested prospect. Here is my answer...

"One of the best things that you probably could ever have in your life, is a person of my caliber in debt to you. When you seal this deal with your payment, I OWE you. I DO NOT like owing people because that means they have done more for me than I have done for them and that doesn't sit well with my personal honor.

People that I "owe" are a part of my everyday thinking on how I can pay them back and get ahead of what they have done for me, not only so I can prove that I was worthy of their trust, but also so I can get ahead of them in the game of counting grains of sand. I'd rather be Santa Claus than the gimmie gimmie kid. Lol!

When you position me to "owe" you martial arts training and warriorship coaching, ...well, my only fear is that I will be unfair and overwork myself to assure that I am serving you and the martial arts in an above acceptable manner. I am not allowed to fail, slack, or not give my best at all times. In fact, my assistant has to monitor me to assure that I am not getting too involved and giving more than I should.

This also is why I WILL NOT accept money from just anyone for this 1%er project. I have to trust who's paying me not to rip their car off of the rack while I'm putting new parts on it, or to allow someone else under their hood to tinker around and adjust on what I am forming to what they want it to be. In fact, it is probably going to be harder for you to get me to accept your money for this project than it will be for you to come up with it because I personally believe that this type of attention can't be "bought" from me. It has to be earned. It has to be right for both of us for it to work or eventually it will fall apart like wet toilet paper. So the payment isn't even the priority here. Your mindset and our sincerity towards each other is. The payment just allows us to do it.

You get what you pay for from most people. From me you will get more than you pay for and I will expect you to do more with what you buy. This isn't a brand new dirt bike that you throw in the corner of the garage when you get tired of riding it and then whine to me about wanting to bring it back and get your money back. This is REAL ADULT $#it!

And when we both can make this handshake of sincerity, you will eventually learn that money has no value between us because it isn't valuable enough. Only honor does. Then it is TRULY ON!

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