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POWER of Emotion

Updated: Feb 26

Emotion is something that we all have. There are emotions that we enjoy such as; happiness, love and excitement. And there are those that we dislike such as; sadness, hate, jealousy, and fear. Whether the emotion that we're feeling at a moment is one that we like or dislike, they all have the ability to affect us in an important way because ALL of them can PERSUADE OUR BEHAVIOR.

Emotions are like magic spells that can instantly alter the way that we view things at that moment. They can even influence us to change the value that we have for something or someone. Emotions can even influence us to change how we value our own life. And when heightened and intense, they can drive us to sacrifice our life or take someone else's.

Many view emotions as a curse or illness. Even the educated ways of dealing with emotion usually teach to avoid the emotion in question, and to oppress inappropriate response that may follow it. Medical treatment of emotion is classified as mental illness or behavior issues, or in other words as weaknesses. I have found this to be untrue. Emotions are more than a pain in everyone's @ss.

I’ve learned in my life that emotion is not a curse but a divine blessing when we learn to identify, understand, merge with, control and unleash certain emotions at proper moments. Emotions are mood and mind altering forces. When we learn to harness and conjure specific emotions for the specific moments, we are empowered with superhumanlike abilities and mindsets. Abilities that make us stronger, faster and quicker! Mindsets that make us fearless and boosts our pain tolerance to a level where we won't even feel a broken arm! This IS NOT a weakness, sickness, or burden. It simply is uncultivated human power.

During my career as a professional fighter, I developed the ability to summon all of my emotions during an exact moment prior to competition time. Anger. Fear. Happiness. Love. Courage. Sadness. Desire. Calm. When they all arrived in my head I would lock them all together in a room in my mind that I could unlock at the right moment. All of these emotions were peaked and combined to wait for me to call upon them when I needed them. And when I opened this room during a fight, my opponent was no longer competing simply against Jermaine Andre’. He then was competing against all that I loved, hated, feared etc... He was fighting the pain of my emotions.

This tactic made me extremely dominant in the fight game serving my full fight career as well as my life. My emotions that once brought only pain, discomfort & inconsistency altered to become my supreme advantage.

“We have mastered life when we have experienced, accepted, understand and learned to control how we react to all of our emotions.”

...and this is a way of the "Warrior's Edge"

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Jermaine Andre


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