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Nutrition TRUTH!


The process of building a strong, healthy body AND MIND begins and ends with what we eat daily. When we eat our selected meal that food is converted into fuel for our body. It determines how much energy we will have to execute tasks, and how our body will grow especially when we workout.

After we complete our workout or even daily labor, we will have torn down muscle cells that require rebuilding. It is the natural process of our body to replace these torn down and destroyed muscle cells with brand new bigger and stronger ones. This is the process of getting fit. Our body will draw the material to build these new muscle cells from the food that we have provided. If the food that we have provided is garbage, that is all that our body will have to build with. If the food that we provide for building materials is healthy protein, complex carbs and water, we will have stronger repaired muscle cells.

A lot of confusion is purposely administered to the public regarding what to eat and what not to eat. Manipulations have been placed on the word natural and even organic by million dollar companies to make us think we're eating healthy, when we in fact are poisoning our bodies with the degraded products that they are providing. Foods that should not be promoted as "natural" or "healthy" can LEGALLY be labeled with this wording thanks to the fancy talking of a lawyer who proved that anything from planet earth is truly natural. (Don’t be upset because this is true. The chemicals that are sprayed onto vegetation to kill bugs are all a mixture of chemicals that come from the planet earth. Sounds natural to me. However, the ingredients in rat poison are also natural under this definition but the ingestion of it sure as heck isn’t good for you!)

Another manipulation in the marketing of food are titles such as, "MADE WITH REAL JUICE". This can mean that the company put one drip from an eye drop in every 5 gallons of that which they are selling, which is most likely 90% corn syrup, sugar, and 10% water. Diabetes in a #ucking bottle!

Career security has been well established in the world of nutrition through the business of telling people what they should and shouldn’t eat. The complicated nutrition magazines and internet controversy of what teas to drink, mushrooms to chew, berries to take etc… have all led everyone into forgetting how simple good nutrition really is. People seek nutrition advice from on-line loud mouths who have no idea of what they are talking about. People also are improperly mixing the information that they chase and randomly find on the internet about what and how to eat. Information about nutrition is being sold so YES, it too can be VERY corrupted! Don't take to heart everything that you read or hear from someone that you don't know. If you want to follow someone who is giving advice on nutrition, RESEARCH THEM & COMPARE their info to the info of others, especially those who disagree with them. Then YOU make the decision on what is best for you and your cared ones.

There actually is no complicated magic answer to basic nutrition and you don’t require a college degree in physiques, chemistry, and agriculture to know what it is. The basic, everyday answer to good nutrition is simple and yes I'm going to give it to you NOW, and make you a true nutritionist right at this moment! Are you ready? Here goes!...


That’s right. It’s just that easy. Now you’re a specialist in nutrition. Foods that have been created by or tampered with by man are the ones that aren’t any good for you. The fruit and vegetables in your grandparents’ garden are the healthiest thing to eat. If you’re a meat eater, wild game is best, then stock that is allowed to graze naturally in the fields.

Man began to tamper with the chemistry of food for reasons that all lead back to profit.

-Poisons & toxins are sprayed over crops so farmers can have massive amounts of crops that they rarely have to spend time tending to.

-Animals are stockpiled in small barns on concrete flooring where disease and viruses constantly invade the systems of these non-moving animals, that can no longer naturally graze. This way these farmers can quadruple their numbers for milking or slaughtering.

-Steroids are added to meat & poultry so animals unnaturally grow two to three times their size allowing more weight in meat to sell.

-Unhealthy preservatives and additives are added so foods can sit longer on shelves allowing the store a better chance at longer advertisement for sales.

-Corn syrups, sugars and bleached salts are added to make food taste good so we can eat even when we aren’t hungry.

-Foods are saturated with dyes and food colorings to make them appear more attractive to

-us.And last but not least, manipulating commercials are created to convince us that we want or need certain foods at certain times when we truly don’t.

The corruption of our food extends further into the greedy pockets of our society than just the "eating" part. Eating what the food industry chooses to "slop" us with breaks down our bodies and causes us to get sick faster and easier than we should. This then graduates us into another part our of our society that is loaded with corruption. The medical industry. After our bodies break down from bad nutrition we become a revolving door customer for monthly medication and expensive surgeries. All because we chose to eat like a #ucking cartoon character instead of a true human being!

If you will pay attention to the last sentence that I said, I placed the blame 100% on our self. That's right, I'm not here to point the finger at the food or medical industry. The resources that we need to discover healthy nutrition are available at our fingertips daily! We all go to school for 10-20 years so we can get a job and buy a fancy car and house, so we should have no problem taking a damn 2 week nutrition course to save our lives! If not, we deserve to #uck ourselves up eating incorrectly and the corrupted greedy deserve to get rich off of us while we do it. If we don't care about our own bodies, health and future, why should they? Especially if it means cutting their profit margin. They're just "doing their job" right?

As far as seizing control of your nutrition TODAY, you can start by eating fruits, vegetables, water, fish, grains and nuts when you're hungry instead of all of the other garbage that "looks good"! If we aren't ready to eat a piece of raw fruit or vegetables, WE ARE NOT HUNGRY! If we aren't ready to drink a glass of water, WE ARE NOT THIRSTY! Start off by following those 2 rules and watch what will happen to your body in just 3 months. Our body gives us the benefit of the doubt and will heal in weeks what we have spent years destroying. Give your body a chance to be strong for you.

The food industry is loaded with traps that snag us to over indulge, become a slave, and eventually destroy ourselves. And the lures are so enticing that we bring our family and friends down right along with us, all with a big smile on our faces and an entitled attitude. Be smart. We can not behave as pigs do or we become pigs that get slopped for profit, just like the unhealthy pork that is fed to us. Stand strong on eating right and you will stand stronger in life!

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

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Jermaine Andre


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