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Never do for pay, what you won't do for free

Updated: Feb 26

"Money is the root to all evil!" I'm sure you have heard and possibly may have even said that a few times yourself. It is a cliché saying that is passed back & forth between those of us who use money mindlessly regarding where it came from, where its' going, and what harm may have been caused by it. And neither will the money that we earn or hold ever be categorized by us as a part of the "root to all evil". Our personal money has full immunity because we spend it on family, homes, cars, etc... therefor making it ok for us to dabble in the circulating and spreading of this item that we persecute when it is not in our hand.

In my prior paragraph I judge no one because I too am one of these money spenders. I use it to feed myself and family as well as to buy the things that I need and want. I find no joy in not having money and I take much pleasure in having it. However, I must admit that I have never been one to say or even view money as the root of all evil. First because I know that money is an inanimate object with no will, or physical ability to do anything without the effort of a person. Money can not function without man but man can function without money. Therefor, money is not the root to all evil, instead the bad use of money by people is the root to all evil. This was my thought towards money until one day, I discovered a more sensible truth thought that wasn't about money alone. It was about money AND man.

At the age of approximately 47 years old, I realized something about the relationship between money and man, and it had absolutely nothing to do with roots, evil or any kind of unseen force. What I realized was that money may actually be TOO POWERFUL for man to righteously wield. I will better clarify...

Money can give a powerless person the power to make a person who would never even consider doing a certain thing for him, DO IT just by paying him. In fact, as a society we all have been conditioned to do things for money that we normally would not do. It is genuinely acceptable and sometimes it isn't even asked, it is DEMANDED! This way is a part of each of our everyday lives that keeps us progressing as a society. The act of doing for money, that which we normally would not do is what the majority of us call a job. And we are expected to do our job no matter what.

Now one of the things that this functioning way of money does is, that it can give a person massive power to influence people who he could never influence, without money. Money gives instant power that one may not be capable of wielding, as well as admiration that may not be rightfully earned. Money operates like a magic wand changing things to favor the desires of the one who uses it. . And this leads me up to why I say,

"Never do for pay, what you won't do for free!"

When we allow money the power to make us do things we usually wouldn't, we quietly prostitute out our standards, reliability, & self value while simultaneously building the ego of the one who paid us to betray our self. There is no amount of money worth what can be loss within if we make habit out of allowing our self to be regularly bought by whoever has enough money to buy us. We will eventually sell our self to the wrong person who may not provide refunds.

YES this relates to our jobs and careers and actually at a very crucial level. Much damage can be caused by us when we choose to do work that we despise for a paycheck. The occupation that we choose should be a task or duty that we would happily do for free if required. When we choose to work a job that we dislike just for a pay check, we can instantly taint the integrity of the service or product simply with our presence. Our perform will function at the lowest level that is acceptable enough only to remain employed. We most likely won't care for the company or presenting what it has to offer in the best way that we can. We will treat fellow employees, guests, customers, and even our superiors unfairly because deep down we don't want to be there, and wouldn't be if they weren't paying us. To function in this manner is bad for everyone including our self. It can make us toxic and contagious as well as negatively affecting our health, attitude, mindset, relationships, self value and integrity.

If we can be sure to always consider to our self, if we would ever do for free, that which someone is about to pay us to do, we can assure to not to gradually sell our self out piece by piece. Don't be a slave to the dollar bill by jumping at its presence. Keep your personal values and integrity at a pay grade so high that NOONE can afford it, and money won't become your master. Instead, you will master it.

...and this is a way of the Warrior's Edge.

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Jermaine Andre


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