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"MEIYO" Honor

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Virtue #1 of the "8 Virtues of Bushido"-

"Warriors have only one judge of honor & character, and this is themselves. Decisions they make and how these decisions are carried out is a reflection of whom they truly are."

In today's society it is the norm and accepted just to "do what we HAVE to do" to survive or succeed greatly. This means lying, cheating, stealing and doing whatever to get ahead regardless of who else it may or may not harm. We have even found absolution to excuse ourselves from doing that which we KNOW is wrong with cliche' ideologies such as: "Hey! I"m just doing my job!" or "I got kids to feed!". We have brainwashed ourselves as a society that it is ok to do that which we know isn't right as long as we are "making money" to spend on the things that we feel are important for us. It has been deemed excusable to "sell out!"

Another way that we as the masses have "approved" the behavior of wrongdoing for personal gain is with the ideology on crime that, "It's only a crime if you get caught!" I support this statement by saying that there are way more career criminal felons on the streets than there will ever be in prisons. Ones who have discovered how to keep from getting caught or to buy their way around or out of trouble. And as long as they aren't getting arrested they feel that they are morally ok because of the reasons that I stated in the paragraph above. Now don't be fooled into thinking this is a practice restricted to financially rich people because it isn't. Poor people, beggers, low pay workers, etc... also find ways to scheme even if the process is slacking on the jobs or doing other things during paying work hours. I must admit that I think we ALL have participated in this behavior including myself and it was ok as long as the boss didn't catch us.

"Meiyo" This first virtue of Bushido helps us to remember that the most important time that the integrity of our character is at risk, is when no one but our self can see it! It is what we do when no one can catch us that reveals the true value of our honor. We must not allow ourselves to be a slave of the judgement of others. It is childish to do bad things because no other person can see or catch us. It is weak and it diminishes our self trust and spirit while we slowly convert into a coward slithering under the observation of man. It can be compared to living like sewer rat that only comes out when no one is around.

When we place ourself as the unforgiving, unbiased, just judge over our own behavior, we become stronger because we no longer allow ourselves the "easy' way out of situations. When we choose NOT to cheat, steal, lie, etc... the honorable options are revealed. Options that are solid and everlasting all the way through. Options that cannot be broken down or destroyed by the dishonest options that most have grown accustomed to choosing. Options that give us true power, self-assurance, and inner peace.

...and THIS, is a "way" of the Warrior's Edge!

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