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"LOVE" Rule #9 of Chivalry

"LOVE" Rule #9 of the Knights Code of Chivalry

"Love is the end goal. It is the music of our lives. There is no obstacle that enough love cannot move."

I believe love to be one of the most confusing emotions that we can have. Selfishness can cause us to confuse love with other emotions such as; obsession, jealousy, selfishness, fear and lust. Let's be honest. How many of us feel that it is admirable to speak about how much we love someone because of what they do for us? We "love" a certain person because they buy us this, buy us that, do this for us, make us feel safe, provide for us, etc... We love those who do for us. But what happens when they stop doing for us? Do we still love them and if not, did we ever truly love them or just what we gained from them?

Before we move any further let's look at the definition of "love" for some clarity...

"LOVE" - (1) an intense feeling of deep affection. (2) a great interest and pleasure in something. strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. maternal ; (3) · attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness.

So, according to the definition of "love" it can be selfish. We can love someone who serves our needs simply because of what they do for us. We can even justify loving someone that we may only be sexually attracted to. Love is simply a deep affection or feeling towards someone or something and moral has nothing to do with it. However, there are different levels of love with the greatest level being what is known as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! Allow me to give the definition...

"UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" - is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions

Unconditional love means that we love or have deep affection for someone regardless of what they do or don't do for us. Our feeling of love towards them is not determined by their behavior. I personally believe that this is the only true love that exists and I do believe that this is the type of love that Rule #9 of the Code of Chivalry is referring to, and here's why.

Any seasoned warrior, military person, or fighter who has heightened experience in real combative situations will all agree on one thing and that is that no one ever wins a fight, battle or war for two reasons. #1. Both sides suffer painful losses. #2. The side that may be viewed as the loser at that moment will most likely retaliate at a later date to even or unbalance the odds in their favor. When a fight starts, it most likely never ends.

This is why the Rule of Love in the Code of Chivalry makes sense. This rule gives us the only true way that a fight can be truly won and that is with love. Love protects all sides from the harm of the other and dissolves any and all reasons that could lead to a later retaliation from all sides. Love is the warrior's way to end war when and if his true desire is to win.

Love frees us from hate, anger, fear, confusion, selfishness, and arrogance. This tears down the walls of ignorance that force us to posture with stubbornness when facing those who we disagree with. When we no longer have to posture, we become interested and confident about communicating with and trying to understand others. We no longer fear their thoughts, ways, or even the disagreements that they have with us. In fact, love elevates our conscious to have genuine concern about the things that may cause discomfort for another towards us. We can be open and considerate towards their topic instead of evasive and discouraging.

Love is the only way to truly defeat all of our enemies because love will never allow us to have enemies. We will care for those who we are associated with and value our relations at all times with the utmost respect. We would never sit idly back while a situation with someone that we are connected to goes bad and gives them a reason to become our enemy. We would address all issues with respect and compassion towards this persons concerns before it could ever turn sour.

Many may view love as a weak emotion and gesture because it isn't combative or dominating. But love is the only force powerful enough to provide a fight, battle or war with true, everlasting winners on all sides. And it is the only force that can keep fights, battles and wars from developing. The warrior respects and cherishes love over all combat strategies, techniques and even weapons. The warrior knows how to give and accept love and is not timid about expressing it. In fact, the warrior will choose to use love over all else when possible.

And THIS, is a "way", ...of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

What is your opinion on the effectiveness of love today between people? Do you feel that it is a s powerful as stated in this blog? Please comment your thoughts and questions and also please like if you enjoyed this read. Thank you.

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