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"HUMILITY" Rule #1 of Chivalry


Never announce that you are a knight, simply behave as one. You are better than no one, and no one is better than you."

Rule #1 "HUMILITY" of the "Knight's Code of Chivalry" is defined as "humbleness". I find this to be a very important personality trait to have to maintain a "Warrior's Edge" not only because it is morale and polite, but also because it encourages peace. Here's how.

When we step into a room and "brag" about our advantages over others it makes many of those others dislike us. Many today feel that announcing their successes leads to admiration from others but this is not true. Even though few may admire and many may even applaud, more will fill with jealousy. And if you didn't know, jealousy is the most dangerous emotion that a human being can feel. It is motivated and driven by pure evil.

When we choose to keep silent what we while "behaving" as it, and someone recognizes that we may be such through observing our behavior, ...admiration may then be securely earned. And not only is admiration earned for us, it is also earned for that which we claim to be. We empower the integrity of the status that we have earned by allowing it to be noticed through our behavior. This makes it true and real to others and most importantly, true and real to ourselves.

Another way that this virtue of the Knight's Code motivates peace is by evading un-needed challenges from others. When we place ourselves on a visual pedestal of greatness above others, we become a target of others who feel that they are greater than others. This can lead to childish challenges, fights and even wars that are fueled by ego and arrogance. The type of fights that a warrior should never take place in.

To understand, adopt and hold true in our hearts the idea of, "You are better than no one and no one is better than you" helps us to stay grounded in a place away from arrogance and next to confidence. It teaches us to keep our foot off of the back of those who may be weaker than us while simultaneously remaining fearless of those who may seem advantaged over us. This is a perfect mindset for a righteous, caring, progressive person.

Humility is a non-action force that protects the warrior and other innocents by STOPPING conflicts before they can even develop a reason to exist. The Knights Code of Humility isn't just a personality trait for the warrior, is a weapon for peace.

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge!" -Jermaine Andre

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