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Life hits harder than yo momma with her house shoe when you leave the refrigerator door open on a Saturday morning! We all suffer through life regardless of our fortunes, advantages, and opportunities and the biggest part of that suffering will be embarrassment, belittlement, and the worst of them all, ...REALITY CHECKS!

IF we are living our life right, which would mean making and taking challenges to better our selves, we will eventually (and constantly) get knocked on our @$$es! And while we are down we get laughed at, stepped on, forgotten and maybe even worse. We get knocked off of our glorious personal pedestal.

I can remember losing one of the most important professional fights of my life. I personally took it so hard that I took the steps towards a quiet, peaceful, ceremonial, warriors' suicide. Yes. I took it that seriously.

Regardless of how many fights I had won before that and how good I had shown to be, most people including many fans & friends took that moment to put me down as hard as they could. They were happy to see me lose and they wanted to hurt me as much as possible over it. I learned A LOT about people after that loss but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself.

I learned that I would never be WORLD CHAMPION (or alive) if I couldn't bring up the humility to accept the embarrassing loss that I had suffered. It was while I was positioned to send myself to the next world that the Higher Power informed me that my selfish little life was about more than just myself and my over inflated ego. I had a duty to finish for the heavens regardless of my embarrassment.

This revitalizing enlightenment not only saved my life, it RE-NEWED it! I understood that my loss was a blessing and a necessity for my growth and boy did I grow. From there I climbed the MMA world to win the first MMA world title in Las Vegas Nevada. And it was only because I was no longer afraid to lose in front of a crowd of people. I was no longer afraid to be laughed at and put down because of my failures and shortcomings. I was no longer afraid of being knocked off of my pedestal. I was FREE to just be a man.

Many mistake humility as a weakness but this is so wrong. Having humility is the power to deflect negativity so we can use our humiliating moment to learn, improve, & re-introduce our self, instead of trying to forget, regress, and hide.

Humility is a character trait of the Gods. Master it and it will empower your life. Believe it or not, my writing this article this morning has just helped me in a life challenging situation where I need to activate my humility to progress through. Now once again, everything is clear to me regarding what I have to do. It is a super power when we use it with confidence.

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Jermaine Andre


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