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"HATE" is a WASTE of humanity. It is a useless, destructive, ignorant human behavior that functions like a virus in the ill and weak minded. It is contagious and can be passed on to friends, family members and associates through the use of words. It is so infectious that it can even contaminate people who are not hateful, into becoming hateful.

It is sad to say that much of society operates with hate and many positions of power are held by people who are full of hate. One of them most effective ways that hate spreads is through the process of threatening others who aren't hateful to hate or to be excommunicated, alienated and even harmed! Hateful people will hate you because you don't hate who they want you to hate. I personally HATE that crap! I have seen in my life that it is the biggest promoter of hate. Intimidating the weak into "pretending" to hate so they can add to the numbers of the hateful.

Just the other day I was watching a tv series called "Hunters". It is about a group of vigilante Jews who discover that Nazis are living in America so they form an alliance to find and take them out. The team is an awkward but affective one which includes a nun, a billionaire, electronics and radio specialists, explosives expert, hand to hand combatants, a code breaker and an esteemed billionaire. The team was professionally formed and they operated out of a secret lair. And of course everything that they needed is at financial disposal.

As I sat and watched this I said to my woman who was watching with me, "Wow. What a team. Imagine what they could accomplish if they didn't have to focus all of their energy and resources on defending a group of people from another group of people. I mean imagine what they could accomplish if the group that they were having to defend themselves from was focused on helping humanity instead of trying to destroy an element of it that they feel they are entitled to dislike!"

After saying that I thought about how many organizations of dedicated people exist and function with full sincerity just because they have to protect a group of people from another group of people who simply hate. What a waste of human time, intelligence, toil, energy, emotion, movement, and body cells. Just imagine to yourself what we may have already accomplished if all of these groups could focus on forwarding mankind instead of having to defend mankind from a bunch of clowns who are trying to take us backwards. Maybe they would figure how to get the poison out of our daily foods without having to cut the food industry's riches. How to get us cleaner air and energy without lessening our comforts. How to bring affordable medical attention, space travel, better earth care, deep sea exploration, bettering the raising of our children, improving poverty across the world. I mean there is so much.

I want you to think of the names of 1-3 hate groups in your head. Now pick a world issue to assign to each of them that they will work on instead of their project of hating & degrading mankind. I'm more than sure that if they put the time and energy into the 1 issue that they were handed like they put into hating they would probably solve it.

Hate offers humanity nothing but self destruction as a whole. Regardless of how many words or historical "stories" we try to twist or repeat, no sensible argument can ever be presented behind the idea of hating especially since most if not all hate is aimed at a person or people that the person of hate, doesn't even truly know.

The warrior would never partake in any sort of activity that requires a weak or fearful mind to do such as hating. In fact, the warrior despises hate and does all that he, or she can not to hate people who exhibit and promote hate because they are the exact bullies that the warrior boldly steps up to take down. The only compassionate remedy that the warrior can use against a person of hate is to pity him or her for being pitiful. A hateful person's expression of hate is truly revealing their true inner feelings of low self confidence and deep mental illness.

Hate hates the warrior because the warrior mindset of courage and justice is immune to it. Hate can not intimidate, convince, or trick the warrior into becoming one of it's slaves. Hate shivers in the presence of the warrior and dies under the crushing boot of the warrior's manner. The true warrior is the sworn enemy of hate.

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

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Jermaine Andre


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