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"EQUALITY" Rule #8 of Chivalry

"EQUALITY" Rule #8 of Knight's Code of Chivalry"

"Every knight holds human equality as an unwavering truth. A knight is never present when men or women are being degraded or compromised in any way, because if a knight were present, those committing the hurtful acts or words would be made to stop."

Equality. This is a hard one to embrace regardless of how loud we scream to be one who embraces it. In truth, the only time that human beings scream about equality is when it benefits lifting themselves up to be equal or actually above someone else. Rarely do people scream to bring others up to be equal to them. We even see this word used like a nuclear weapon by groups who "claim" to want equality, but in truth they want special treatment.

Of course our "upbringing" as a society is first to blame because we are taught since childhood to be competitive against everyone that surrounds us, especially our friends. As toddlers we play with any kid of any color, any sex, any size and could care less about our differences until some ignorant adult points out that our clothes, car, home, sex, skin color, or religion is better or worse than one of our other friends.

Separation is a driving force behind the collapse of equality. People who want to be separate from other people who aren't like them, will never claim that they are lesser than the people that they want to be separate from. In fact, the reason that they want to be separate is because they for some delusional reason think that they are better than another group of human beings. This is very popular in society. People use frail excuses such as social class, money, religion, race, background, etc... to cluster with others and "feel" better than those who are not clustered with them.

To understand and serve equality we have to really dig into our minds to pull ourselves from the prehistoric crap that we were taught about who we are and who everyone else surrounding us is. We have to look inside our hearts to find the emotional intelligence to calm our judgmental and afraid mindsets, so we can reach back to touch the pure mindset that we had as children, before ignorant adults could step inside and twist our thoughts. If we can remember how we would have walked up and hugged everyone as a child without any care of what they looked like. How we would have treated them the same way that we would have treated our friends in the sandbox. In fact, we would have invited them to come and play in the sandbox with us.

Sometimes to behave with more maturity we have to get away from what we were taught as adults. Adulthood is extremely competitive, selfish and heartless. We are taught to place what we care about way before everyone, and everything else at all times. It is so embedded in us that we don't even see it. For instance, we will pull up to the homeless person on the street corner, roll our window down, hand them a 20 dollar bill, quickly roll our window up while hoping they get the #uck away from us, and drive off satisfied as if we truly cared. We feel that we did our part when truthfully if we would have taken a second to talk to the homeless person we would have learned that he didn't need money, he needed a ride to the hospital. But do we honestly would we honestly even want to know this when we can just do our part by handing out a slip of paper and driving off? Could we ever see that homeless person as a equal to our child and treat him that way?

The warrior is alone in his or her beliefs of equality. If we want to truly serve this rule of Chivalry we must be prepared to be rejected and even alienated by many when we choose to give a demonstration of it in action. And to be true to equality, we have to think of the groups of people that we despise most and admit that still are just as important as a human being, as we are. And when we can say this from the childish innocence of our heart, we can serve the rule of equality, proudly with sincerity.

And THIS, is a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

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