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Don't blame the weather, or your past!

When we choose to blame someone or something for our disadvantages, we choose to surrender our power to change and grow along with it.

The weather has a way of controlling our emotions when it is bad. Too many rainy or muggy days can make us all lose some of the pep that we may normally have when the sun is happily shining. Sometimes we can even allow ourselves to feel depressed, and be non-productive all because of what the weather has chosen to do that day. When we do this we are allowing the weather to dictate & decide how we feel and behave. We temporarily surrender control of our life over to the weather until it decides to change. IF! It decides to change.

When we allow the weather to dictate how we are going to feel for the day, we also are allowing the weather to determine how we will behave because our emotions affect our behavior. We may give less efforts towards our duties and responsibilities. We can mistreat our loved ones and associates. We can lose our motivation to be creative and productive in important areas.

All of these negative responses that we exert because of weather that we don't necessarily agree with can combine to have a negative, regressive affect on our life. We can take our relationships, activities, mentality, perception, and even health backwards all because of the weather. Or at least that's who we would feel it's ok to blame, but it is not and here's why!

We have no control over what the weather is going to do day by day so we shouldn't allow it to have control over that which we are going to do. When we allow the weather to shut us down we lose our opportunity to be creative with ways to still function progressively even during bad weather. This becomes a strength that makes us stronger than we would be if we allow the weather the power to regulate and determine our emotions. And this is the exact same when it comes to our life.

Many of us allow bad occurrences and people from our past to affect how we currently think and behave even though it is in the past. When something is in our past there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. We can't control what happened no more than we can control what will happen with the weather. To allow our past to regulate our thoughts and behavior is the same as allowing the weather to dictate our emotions and actions. When we do this we are surrendering the power of our life over to something that we can not change or even touch. The past. This leaves us helpless and basically dead as a being that is designed to progress and grow.

We can not blame the weather for our emotions and we can not blame the past either. Whatever we allow to guide our thoughts and behavior has control of us. We can never allow a moment from our past, no matter how traumatic or wrong it may be, to diminish our power to correct, adjust, change and better that which exists after that particular situation no longer does. Even if our only power is to make it vanish forever. We must never blame the weather for who we will be. And we must never blame our past for who we have become. Maintain control.

And THIS, is a "way" of the "Warrior's Mind"! -Jermaine Andre'

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Jermaine Andre


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