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Dealing Bad Mouthers

The M.O. of the bad mouther is toxic. They can be tiresome to listen too when badmouthing about someone else to you, and they can be a big thorn in the side when they pick us as the target to bad mouth for the moment. It takes a combination of mass arrogance and depleted awareness to do what the bad mouther does. Massive arrogance to tell himself that everyone that he complains to actually believes him to be the righteous one, and depleted awareness that can't think far enough to simply assume that someday, someone that he is bad mouthing about is going to come looking for them. And when a bad mouther is bold enough to profess that no one will ever come looking for him in a bad way, ...well you can just add delusional to that list of character traits.

As much as bad mouthers deserve to have their mouths washed out with the hairy bar of soap found in a gym shower drain, we have to be careful of how we respond to them, or we can encourage them to become worse. Or, they could encourage us to react in an unfitting manner that leaves both with a bad ending. And we never want to waste our life, happiness, time or even thought on a person who we dislike. Always value your life and the good people in it high above the simple satisfaction that may come from stepping on a sewer rat.

Now wait! Don't get me wrong. I did not say that you can't or shouldn't deal with the bad mouther. In fact, it is my opinion that you MUST! If a bad mouther is bold enough to involve you in his or her little circus, this means that he views you as one of his naïve sheep who is either stupid enough to believe what he says, or intimidated enough by him to sit and pretend to listen out of fear. Regardless of which one it is, you don't want to be his officer at either of those posts.

Watch and listen to the video posted below to learn what you can do to defuse, disarm, discourage, and permanently SHUT UP a bad mouther!

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Jermaine Andre


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