...more than "just" a World Champion.



Similar to the insides of a majestic Egyptian pyramid, there’s far more to my past as a Martial Arts Warrior than even my televised World Class professional combat career in the ring and cage reveal.  I retired from the professional combat Martial Arts of Muay Thai Kick Boxing and MMA with 5 U.S. titles, 2 World titles, and an honored induction into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  I’ve fought in the U.S., Japan, Hawaii, Canada and all over the United States.  I am one of the bold pioneers of MMA fighting who stepped up full throttle when the pay was minuscule.  I was well known and highly respected for my composure and discipline in the MMA cage and Muay Thai ring.  My record is stacked with graceful, powerful knock outs that honorably display the precision of truly honed Martial Arts skill and beauty.  Some of the high skilled techniques that I used to take my wins still today have not been duplicated by another.  

How did I dominate my vicious opponents?  Well, when MMA was birthing as NHB, I was one of the first one’s in line to fight.  Just like my opponents I didn’t care about weight classes, experience levels, time limits or even rules.  Actually, I preferred to compete with none of those safeguards.  It was my inclination that we, the expert Martial Arts Warriors, didn’t need non-warriors babysitting us, as we honorably battled to whatever end awaited.
I always held great respect and even love as a brother towards my fellow fighters and opponents.  To me we were all cut from the same cloth.  But even though I loved all of my brothers of the blood game, I had every intention to drop them at my feet if they ever stood across the combat arena from me.  The trials of the ring and cage were between the greatest Martial Arts experts in the world who were at their best.  And the tool that we used against one another to win was the Martial Arts, which was originally designed for killing.  I understood and respected this fact while maintaining disciplined honor, and care for my opponents outside of the ring or cage.
Preparation for combat in the ring and cage was just being created during this era.  There were no facilities or instructors that taught or trained Mixed Martial Arts.  The teachers and trainers of MMA were under construction in the live combat arena.  We, the fighters were it.  Most had one maybe two Martial Arts disciplines to train in.  It was general practice to build a strong defense against the techniques of other Martial Arts disciplines, while constantly improving one’s own discipline as the primary weapon to use for the win.  I happened to be one of the only fighters from multiple Martial Art disciplines so my training was very extensive.  Accompanying my Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Russian Sambo and even weapons, was weight lifting, running, sprinting, swimming, gymnastics and extended stretching.  And... My training also included a strict, non-aggressive regimen that no other fighters seemed to yet be familiar with.  Their interests seemed consumed only with getting stronger, faster & even learning more techniques, but not on the tactic that I considered to be most important. 

Throughout my fight career I could see that all of my opponents seemed to lack this key component that empowered my resilience to a state that no one else could understand.   Soon it became apparent that I would always have this advantage over my opponents who knew nothing about this skill set.  I would even have the advantage over my opponents who were bigger, stronger, faster and possibly even better than me.  I used it to fake them out, confuse them and even anger them during competition.  Sometimes it appeared as if I was cheating with this powerful weapon that they lacked.  The weapon of...



...also known as "SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY" was the center core and outer shell of my fight game.  It kept me focused, committed and steady through trying times outside the arena.  During competition my Mental Toughness tactics carried me through rough moments when my physical capabilities & confidence weakened.  My successful fight career would not have been ½ of what it was without it.


However, it wasn't until after I retired from professional fighting and Body Guarding that I began to see the deep gift regarding the Martial Arts and my true use of it.  Even though the Martial Arts had saved me physically a massive amount of times in the arena and on the streets, there was something more that it had given to me that no trophy, belt or award existed for.  And I wasn't the only one that the Martial arts had blessed with this divine and priceless gift.  Every competitor, Body guard, police officer, mom, dad & child that trained under me also acquired this gift.  The gift of Inner Peace.  
I was enlightened at the age of 45 with the realization that spite all of my combat successes, that I had NEVER actually been one of the world's greatest "killers" in the Martial Arts.  I was always serving through the Martial Arts and using them to be one of the world's greatest "HEALERS".  What I had passed on to others through my Martial Arts training helped people to rebuild, protect & enhance their lives with unshakable resilience!  Most importantly... the Martial Arts training that I passed on helped each person to build a strong, confident, respectable character.    

I wanted to better my instruction and coaching skills so I studied and tested for my certification in Mental Toughness Coaching through "Courage to Win".  I was certified in this excellent program which gave me more skills to enhance my instructing abilities.  I also noticed while studying Mental Toughness that most of the feats that Mental Toughness Coaching corrects in one's thinking patterns, are the same that the Martial Arts corrects.  I recognized that Mental Toughness Coaching and the Martial Arts were on almost identical paths to help people better themselves.  AND!  ...that they would work exceptionally together if I combined them!  

I took the initiative to carefully select specific Martial Arts techniques and training protocols that targeted, challenged and built mind strength.  I then combined them with my Mental Toughness protocols to create my powerful and unique "The Edge" formula.  The most exciting, effective and original Mental Toughness Program ever designed by a person of my expertise and accomplishments.  The Edge Coaching is available NOW to ALL athletes, executives, security, law enforcement, military and even the everyday working man and woman. to guide them and you to build ultimate resilience! 

"THINK Strong!  BE Strong!

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Jermaine Andre