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WEAPONS. A gift to man, ...from man.

WEAPONS were created to give a dominating advantage to the person who IS armed with a weapon, over the person who IS NOT armed with a weapon! A weapon can flip the odds of a physical fight instantly and reverse the roles of victim and aggressor, winner and loser in a blink.

Activating a weapon to work is simple enough for an untrained weakling to do to achieve the deed of easily putting down a brute who he never would have had a fighting chance of even surviving against.

Weapons use for self-defense IS NOT difficult and it never has been. There are strong basics to understand then just the personal decision to use it at the proper moment without hesitation. DO NOT allow acrobats and baton twirlers to dazzle, confuse, and intimidate you about your potential to easily master weapons for the reality purpose of self-defense. You don't have to spin blades, toss sticks, or shoot bottles out of the air to be an expert at self-defense weapons. In fact, all of the fancy stuff has absolutely nothing to do with it using a weapon in a real fight. It's opposite.

A weapon's intended purpose is to function efficiently in the hands of a weaker, smaller, afraid person against a bigger, stronger, fearless person, and this theory has been tried, tested and proven over and over again, all the way up to today.

Just as every creature on the planet has teeth, claws, muscles, ink, spray etc... to advantage them in defending themselves against any threat, every human being should also have an advantage to defend his or her self with. And we do. They're called WEAPONS!

Weapons are the claws, fangs, venom and stingers of mankind. Just as it is our duty of nature to defend our self and loved ones from an attacking being, it is our duty of common sense to assure that we commit our self towards preparing properly to assure that we can effectively serve our duty to defend, to the sincere best of our abilities and NOT FAIL at that crucial moment!

Weapons are not here for us all to have to use. They are here for us to be able to use if we ever have to. Get yourself and loved ones comfortable with weapons now! ...before one of you meets someone who is going to make you uncomfortable with one!

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Jermaine Andre


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