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Here's is your first functioning, problem addressing tactic. It is one of my highly reliable maneuvers that you will be able to initiate for yourself immediately after reading this blog.

We all think we know the people that we choose to associate and surround our selves with. We think we know how they view us and even how they feel about us. But it has been proven that we are wrong. MOST of the people that we know don't even see us how we see ourselves. Some of them even see us as opposite of how we want them to see us. Getting to truly know someone can take a lifetime and we still may never have truly known who they really were. And one of the main reasons for this is because many of the people that we surround our self with, show us only what they want us to know about them, so they can mold the image of who they are to us instead of us forming a free minded opinion on our own.

My past careers as a professional athlete and bodyguard, positioned me to constantly be surrounded by people. Now many people enjoy the attention that they may get from being surrounded by lots of people including strangers, but as flattering as this may be, it is also dangerous. The more people that we surround ourselves with, the more chances we have of being harmed or having to harm someone. From my direct experience I must profess that being surrounded by masses of people only looks good to those who are on the outside looking in. The more people, the more problems.

Even though I wasn't a fan of big crowds I knew that my occupation required that I spent an ample amount of time in them, if I wanted to succeed. It never was much of a bother because I was very good at being friendly from a distance, keeping making meet and greets kind but quick, and making a Batman exit when I wanted to vanish. Big crowds of strangers and associates didn't present the threat to me that I was concerned about. My main concerns weren't with the people that I didn't really know who were soon leaving. It was with the people that I did know who were always staying. They were the ones who I would eventually grow closer to and either want or have to trust more. So they were the ones that I focused on. And here is one of the tactics that I used.

Since my social status was street, jail, ring and cage validated as one of the world's baddest men , it was pretty much common sense with anyone who met me not to do or say something stupid. Even though someone may have treated me with elevated respect, friendship and hospitality, it could have been simply out of fear towards my reputation, or intelligence to know that they wanted to get close to me for self serving reasons. No matter their intentions or reason, all that mattered to me was if it was or wasn't who they truly were. So I would get the answer to that question as fast as I could by doing this.

I would pay attention to the way that this associate of mine treated other people especially those who he might of judged as lesser than him. Now I wouldn't launch this immediately because the person could still be on guard to extend the act while around me. I would wait until the person was getting comfortable with me. Tell tales of comfort would be cussing around me when he didn't before. Talking randomly to me about personal life. Dressing down from the way he originally dressed. Expressing emotions more freely. Asking for favors. Speaking more than before. Revealing an accent or manner that didn't exist before.

Once I saw signs of comfort I would do all that I could to get us around other people. And it would be the way that he would treat the waitress, the homeless man crossing the street, the gorgeous , sexy dressed lady, the person who just cut him off in line, the old lady who he can see could use a hand, the kid who walks by and makes eye contact with him. Eventually I would see all that I need to see to make my decision on if he is who he is demonstrating to be.

When using this tactic be patient. Don't try to force results or you might reveal your intentions and then the gig is up. Trust that your higher power will bring things to light when the time is right. Put in the work, keep your faith, and be kind regardless.

And THAT, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

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Jermaine Andre


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