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The Warrior's Primary Weapon

Weapon. It is a device constructed by a man to provide its wielder with an advantage in violence over another. Even though all weapons aren't Martial Arts born, they all do offer at the highest possible level, that which the Martial Arts were strive to offer each of it's students. And that would be "the ability for a smaller, weaker person to defeat a bigger, stronger person in combat". Well the technology behind the production of today's modern weapons has taken that intent of the Martial Arts to a whole new level but that is not what this blog is about. This is about a different type of weapon.

The Warrior's Primary Weapon is highly favored above all other weapons by the warrior. The warrior would keep it close to him at all times with strict rules that would assure that no one else ever got closer to this weapon at any moment than he was. He would be expert skilled in the uses of it, and disciplined to religiously train with it. The warrior's primary weapon would be flawlessly cared for & strategically stored by only the warrior himself.

The unauthorized use or even touch of the Warrior's Primary Weapon by another would be equivalent to the groping of the warrior's loved one. The warrior's response towards one who touches his Primary weapon would be something that the toucher never even imagined. It would always be best not to touch any warriors weapon with direct permission.

The Primary Weapon of today's modern warrior is not what it was in the past. Weapons must adapt to the times that they in if they are going to be effective in that era. And that is why I am teaching YOU about the Warrior's Primary Weapon that best serves the intent of the end result, in the unique ways of today's world.

The Warrior's Primary Weapon for this day and age is more sophisticated and tactical than past ones. This weapon is tailored to function in the civilized setting of modern society. It is highly effective against the potential combat skills of today's people and attentive towards the warrior's personal welfare and safety. Unlike the warrior during ancient times, today's warrior must exhibit respectable concern towards the law and those who enforce it.

Even though the Warrior is to always be ready for combat, it is still his objective to win any and all battles in the most sensible way possible. This means that the modern warrior doesn't have to end every confrontation with bloodshed and stacked bodies. It is ok and even considered honorable for the warrior to discover cleaner ways to end conflict while preserving human life and health. The warrior is allowed and even encouraged to evade and avoid conflict when possible. This offers the modern warrior a new fighting system to do combat with.

The warrior of elevated intellect takes this idea one step further than the tactic of avoiding conflict when possible. Instead of avoiding it, the modern warrior chooses to discourage and disarm the manifestation of potential problems by striking first with heightened courtesy.

The strategy behind this tactic is the practice of not being offensive as being offensive can cause problems. Therefor, the first line of defense is not to offend anyone. This strategy is a great weapon to use because it catches most people off guard and it is contagious. The power of kindness and consideration have earned their way to the front of the line as the modern warrior's reliable primary weapon that equips the warrior to adjust, control and set the tone for every room he enters.

The mindset of not being offensive to avoid self-defense is great. Not only does it help the warrior to control himself, it also shows the warrior his own behavior and how he treats others by allowing him to see himself as he tries not to do anything offensive. The use of not being offensive is an intelligent and constructive method of personal protection that stays many steps ahead of the potential and upcoming problem. Make this way a part of your day because,

THIS is a "way" of The Warrior's Edge. -Jermaine Andre'

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