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The "SNITCH". For real.

To be categorized as a snitch by one's peers can mean automatic social obliteration. The "snitch" can lose all associates and friends in one swoop while verifying any enemy's claim toward disliking them. It is the lowest place on the social totem pole where no one wants to be placed. To be a snitch is to be one that can't be trusted and no one wants to be around, or even to be a known affiliate of a person who has a reputation of being non-trustworthy. People will do all that they can not to be labeled as a snitch. They will even snitch, to assure that they don't get labelled as a snitch. And that is exactly why people can use this label to misrepresent what a true snitch is. And, bully people with threats of labelling them as a snitch.

A snitch is someone who gives incriminating information to an authority about another person who is under the same authority as they are. The information provided by a snitch normally allows or encourages the authority to punish the person who was snitched on. The snitch either dodges punishment of self or gains something for snitching. Snitching is a selfish and cowardly act. But before I can really get you to understand what snitching "is", I have to explain what snitching isn't.

I can recall a situation during my teen years when some buddies and I were rolling around in the car. The stereo was definitely pumping and we were a crew that was never out to cause trouble but we damn sure were out looking for the ones who were. Of course we were eventually profiled and the boys lit us up with some red & blue lights. As we were pulling over my friend who was riding in the passenger seat pulled out some contraband and tossed it under the driver's seat. Now allow me to clarify that the driver was the cleanest guy out of all of us. He got good grades, played sports, had no arrest record, didn't get mixed up in most of our crap, and probably had the most promising future out of everyone in the vehicle.

Now the one in the passenger seat who tossed his contraband under the driver's seat was totally opposite. He smoked, ...he drank, ...he was supposed to stop but he cain't! He had a petty arrest record and probably miniscule warrants resting over his head. He was a pre-school criminal who knew that his name would probably get ran and he would be searched which would lead to an arrest and more trouble for him. In his mind he figured that the driver (his "friend") should take the hit for him since he had never been in trouble before. He felt that it would be better for the driver to start a criminal record than for him to add on to his. And he INSISTED on this by tossing his contraband under the driver's seat without asking or getting a prior agreement from him.

Now of course the car got searched and the contraband was discovered under the driver's seat. The driver was immediately blamed by the officers and an arrest began. Now I ask you, if the driver informed the police officers that it wasn't his and that it was the passenger's, is he a snitch? Allow me to give you the correct answer...

#uck NO!

In fact, in a situation such as this, the passenger would be more of a snitch than the driver would because he was the one who placed the driver in a position to be punished by the authority while he gained freedom. Now for a second example.

Tom is sitting at home and he hears a crash at his neighbor Jim's house. Tom looks out the window and sees someone breaking into Jim's house. He calls the cops. Is Tom a snitch? #cuk NO! He is loyal to his neighbor and community. He is protecting his fellow man. Now for another example.

Fidiot and Morono decide to rob a lemonade stand together. They know that the kids set up their stand on Saturday mornings around 9am because they don't have to attend kindergarten class that day. Mom does her Yoga in the living room and the kids earn about $3.25 by 2p which is the time that Fidiot and Morono plan to rob them. They have a plan to run up to the kids, display some harsh language, and even use extreme force of pushing and wet willies if someone tries to resist.

But on the way to the lemonade stand Fidiot gets yanked up by mom and dad to be questioned about a past crime that he may have committed that has been under investigation. Fidiot is interrogated at the swing set by mom and dad regarding some missing cookies in the cookie jar. Fidiot tries to deny it but they have him on camera. He knows that it's over for him so he confesses to mom and dad about the plan that he and Morono have to rob the lemonade stand. Mom and dad take Morono into custody and he receives 2months of solitary lockdown in his bedroom with no desert. Fidiot gets time off of his grounding for informing on Morono. Is Fidiot a snitch?

#uck YES!

When a person informs to an authority so they can gain personally or save themselves from punishment, they are a snitch. A person who IS NOT involved in any sort of agreed upon criminal or inappropriate act with another and informs on that person to protect others or self IS NOT A SNITCH. If someone was waiting around the corner to crack your daughter, mom, dad, son, wife or husband's head open with a baseball bat, would you view yourself as a snitch for letting your loved one know? Of course not. The same goes in these types of situations. You are not a snitch if you are informing for the sake of protecting others from the ill intended or past harm of a predatory other!

Going back to the story of my friends and I in the car. When the officers were about to arrest the innocent driver I spoke out these words, "That $#it ain't his and I know the mother #ucker whose it is better man the #uck up or that person is gon' have a real serious problem with me later." Those words were all that it took. The passenger manned up and the officers didn't even make an arrest. They appreciated our integrity so we got a reprimand, the contraband was seized and we were let go.

Don't be bullied from doing the right thing by threats of being labelled as a snitch by dishonorable people who probably are the biggest closet snitches on the planet. Place this cowardice and the ones who try to weaponize it beneath you!

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge". -Jermaine Andre'

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Jermaine Andre


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