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The Art of Street SMARTS

The extent of ones intelligence is restricted to it's environment. If you were to bring one of the most powerful, and intelligent natives from a restricted tribe deep in the rainforest to live without guidance in America, he would appear to be the stupidest guy in town even when compared to a local bum! However, snatch one of our smartest civilized citizens and send him back to the same rainforest that we took the other guy from, and he would be the village idiot when he landed.

The warriors' way knows that intelligence is situational and timely. There is no truly accurate way to measure or weigh who is the most intelligent between persons. People can be far smarter in different situations than they are in others but no one is actually smarter. And then there are the people who are so highly intelligent that are intelligent enough not to reveal it unless totally necessary.

The mindset of the "Warrior's Edge" teaches as a commandment never to underestimate anyone at anytime. To assume at any moment that we are superior in intelligence to another would surely be underestimating that person. To underestimate someone is only an act of arrogance and neglect, two personality traits that leave one exposed to be the victim of those who are not infected with these flaws. It is an act of high intellect and preparedness to assume that everyone that we come into contact with is just as smart as, or smarter than we are. This keeps us humble and on guard!

This first read on "The Art of Street Smarts" will open your mind to another level of human functioning that you may be totally oblivious about at the moment. You may even live in a comfort so tight that it will mean absolutely nothing to you after you read it because you feel that certain worries of others are not yours. If so, that is fine because you still will have the info in the back of your head to reference if you ever see something alarming.

Please enjoy this read and your introduction to the lessons of the School of Hard Knox! Highly unattainable lessons and information that are the protective force of the "Warrior's Edge".

...And "The Art of Street Smarts" a "way" of the Warrior's Edge!

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