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You should seek, acquire, and maintain the advantage always, everywhere, over everyone!

Seeking to the advantage over those who surround you could easily be perceived as awkward, paranoid and possibly even downright rude! Most people don't want to have to think about the possibility that someone is always trying to get the advantage over them whenever they are around them. This could make them uncomfortable and angry and I can understand and even agree with a person of this mindset. It would be rude for that person and others like him or her to go out of their way to do this. And, I also understand that the Warrior's Edge etiquette would never think in this direction or surrender to this type of manner.

There may be many who view seeking the advantage over them as rude but I view this situation totally different with a warrior's mindset. The way that I see it is that someone in the room that I'm in has the advantage over everyone including me, and I have absolutely no idea of who they even are. So contrary to the idea that it is rude to try to be the one who seizes the advantage in the room, I personally think it is downright stupid to have absolutely no interest in even knowing "if" someone else may have sought the advantage in the room over me! Actually, I think it is insane to ever walk in a room and not wonder for 1 second what or who could possibly go wrong on a bad day.

It is sensible and harmless to obtain the advantages of a room that you are occupying with others. Here are some quick tips that you can use to silently place yourself in the best position of the rooms that you are in.


  1. Obtain prior knowledge on where you are going before going. The internet will give you more than enough info. Get opinions from friends and associates.

  2. Arm yourself with weapons of your choice that are legal for that facility and area. Always conceal your weapon and tell no one. An unknown weapon provides superior advantage.

  3. Visually scan the inside before walking in to see the tone of everyone and find a clear route to enter.

  4. Choose seating or standing areas that don't box you in with no way, or only 1 way out. Don't allow spacing behind you where others can settle in or walk through.

  5. Identify and make mental notes of the exits.

  6. Keep all of your crucial items directly on you at all times including car keys. Never place wallet, car keys, weapons etc... on tables, bars, chairs, VIP couches or anywhere besides yourself.

  7. Identify and make a mental note of everyday items in the area that can be used as an effective weapon for bludgeoning or stabbing. If possible, relocate them so they are closer to you than everyone else.

  8. Covertly observe & assess the behavior and manner of attendees. Identify potential problem persons and monitor them. Keep yourself positioned to evade and avoid them if required.

  9. Periodically scan the area during your time there to see who may be watching you. Take sporadic bathroom trips to see if anyone follows you.

  10. Leave either before or after the crowd if there is one. Never leave with them.

Please note that the idea of this strategy and others like it IS NOT to be paranoid, or instigate discomfort or defensiveness. This is a "Warrior's Edge" strategy so it must be executed with calm, courteous mind and manner to be warrior. The warrior would never allow self to cause discomfort or trouble for self. When seeking the advantages the warrior is not being paranoid or afraid. He is being ready!

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

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Jermaine Andre


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