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LIVE, ..."Murphey's Law"

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!" -Murphey's Law.

All of us are probably familiar with this saying. To many it is a negative, hopeless way to think, and a distasteful attitude to present to others. I'm sure that many of us probably imagine Murphey as a rude, cranky, snarling old coot who was bitter about life and toxic to everyone around him. And if you happen to be someone who follows or simply appreciates the "laws of attraction", ...Murphey's Law is probably poison to your ears.

When I look at Murphey's Law from a different perspective, I see how it can be offensive and even depressing. Some people could view Murphey's Law as a mysterious prediction of upcoming occurrences. "Anything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong!" It can even sound as if a curse is being muttered, or at the least, a wishing of bad upon others. And why would one choose words of hopelessness when he could just as easily choose the exact opposite words of hopefulness? "Anything that can go right, will go right!" This could make just as much sense. If Murphey couldn't really predict the future then he had no actual idea of whether things would actually go wrong or go right. Did he just wait around for something bad to finally occur to confirm his claim. And even if something did go wrong, how many other things went right that were unrecognized, ignored, or hidden? So I understand how it could make sense for a person of optimism to tell Murphey to shut the #uck up and shove his law up his buns! However, ...Murphey would never hear words like that from my lips.

I have always appreciated Murphey's Law because it does to me what I believe Murphy was trying to express when he came up with this saying. It keeps me on my toes! The idea that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong helps me to always be aware and observant. It has helped me to caution all that I do and to never move with haste for wants or even needs. Murphey's Law has guided me in my relations with friends and associates to understand that everyone that I meet and know has occurring issues within their life, that could change their position with me overnight.

A perk that Murphey's Law awards me is a dominating advantage when it comes to safety and security situations. I take Murphey's Law further than just to heart when it comes to crime, criminals, predators, manipulators, cheaters, etc... Murphey's Law helps me to imagine, assess, confront, and adjust all that I think "could" go wrong. I stay 5-6 steps ahead of potential problems because I look for all that could go wrong then I unbiasedly identify it's strengths, advantages, and possible threat to me. If I assess that there's a threat, I immediately take steps to adjust the surroundings, people, and even the threating person or thing to weaken it's strengths and capture it's advantages. I assure that that which could go wrong, can't go wrong without my having a chance to stop it before it happens.

Please know that my elevated awareness is not paranoia, fear, confusion or even a discomfort. It is a way of my life that I am grateful to have and enjoy living. It positions me with the option to make the first move and steer things in the direction that I want it to go which is good for all involved, not just me. I always did only what I needed to assure that "anything that could go wrong WAS NOT going to go wrong" as long as I was involved. My respect and caution of Murphey's Law provided me with insight to identify, prevent, intervene and neutralize all that could've went wrong, before it did.

To me, Murphey's Law is a caring and friendly warning that says to be prepared, stay ready, and not to allow hardships to get us down because everyone has them. This clarity on hardships has given me skin so thick towards disappointment that I am never surprised by a bad occurrence. Bad happenings hold very little power over my behavioral response because I expect their visits. Even if I am emotionally hurt, I am never shocked, mentally disrupted, or doubtful towards my sworn beliefs because something happened. This acceptance allows me to be stress free, healthy and happy. It calms me. It comforts me. It frees me.

The boldness of Murphey's Law has aided me to be a stronger, better person for myself and for others. And I can honestly say that I am one who truly believes and can even encourage the flipside to Murphey's Law that, "Anything that can go right, WILL go right!"

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge". -Jermaine Andre'

fyi... Murphey's Law is said to have been made by Captain Edward Murphey United States Air Force

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Jermaine Andre


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