Inda S. H.S. Principal

Normandy High School


Jermaine Andre's program in our school brought together every vital learning objective we desired to achieve. His series of lessons taught our most high-energy students--those most challenging to classroom teachers--the practices, skills, and understandings crucial for academic success. Thanks to the encouragement and collaboration of teachers and administrators, the students who committed to Mr. Andre's program learned the foundations for developing and maintaining self-discipline, composure, self-respect, and the habit of focused observation and listening.

Daniel I. College Professor

Saint Louis University

Jermaine Andre is an American success story. We all face adversity in our lives and have made bad choices. Very few people are able to hold themselves accountable and embrace the past without letting it define their future. Jermaine had the courage to speak truth to an environment and culture that was destructive. In doing so, he put himself at risk to uplift others. That's a hero in my mind.

Diana Q. College Professor

Casper College Wy


Students, Faculty and Community Members in Casper WY were motivated and inspired by Jermaine Andre's talks and demonstrations of the Art of the C.U.R.E.. The power of Compassion Understanding Respect and Education to change the individual and community has never been need more than today. Join us in expanding the reach of the C.U.R.E.

Angie S. Youth Counseler

Casper Center


On a whim, from an event already scheduled, Mr. Andre agreed to speak with my students. This is no ordinary group of young men and women. Their backgrounds are similar to Mr. Andre's. He was interactive, motivational, and brutally honest. He answered questions with fervor as well as engaged in a small competition with my students. Much to their chagrin, he won. However, that did not stop them and they continue to work towards that light they now see.