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The biggest threat that you will ever face when in public is other people. People are the most dangerous because they have the ability to blend in and behave as if they are harmless when they in fact are planning to make a personal gain off of the loss and suffering of some unsuspecting person. Human beings are the only animals on the planet who will make an unprovoked attack on another non-threatening human not out of hunger, fear, or even territory, but to make some sort of a profit. And to worsen the deed, human beings are smart enough to play mind games on themselves that induce delusional, self formatted reasons that allow them to feel somewhat "right" for what they have to do. This self brain washing method is very dangerous because the predator who convinces himself that his deeds are correct, will also convince himself that his targets are the opposite to him, BAD! This will free his conscious to be highly motivated in his or her cowardly efforts.

Of course most of the people that you encounter won't be bad and may even be genuinely good. But eventually the numbers will begin to add up and somewhere soon one or more of these predators will be slithering around in the group that you are near. Never underestimate the effectiveness or their stealth. Criminality is a mindset that leads to an act. It doesn't discriminate or favor. It gets selected by men, women and even children of all races, classes, religions, intellects and even personalities. Most people who take part in criminal activities are desperate people. And many people who don't take part in criminal activities is only because they have never ben desperate. That law abiding associate of yours may become the lowest criminal on the planet if he has to one day see a desperate moment. And that can happen to anyone at anytime. Watch the movie with Eddie Murphy named "Trading Places". They give a very good demonstration of this.

The bit that I gave above about the evil capabilities of a human being was not to make you fear or dislike people. (Or can I say "us".) My intention is only to give you the truth so you can form a thorough safeguard that can withstand the worse that could be delivered to you by another person. I am guiding you to know and "understand" all of the truths about your your fellow people so you DO NOT have to fear or hate them. You no longer will have to dodge or ignore another person while frightened that they may rob or just say "good morning" to you. I will guide you to no longer fear strangers, homeless, and eventually even the criminal element because you will understand the how's, and why's behind what may have placed them in the position that they are in. I want you to be free to feel compassion for them and to smile and even speak to them if you so choose to. And when you reach this mindset, the effort of defending yourself against predatory, hollow behavior will be second nature for you.

You can never allow yourself to fear anyone that you have to defend yourself against because they are the sick and weak which is why that are choosing criminal behavior at that current moment. They are most likely confused, unhealthy, fatigued, terrified, injured, in pain, alone, hopeless, victimized, and of course neglectfully desperate. It is possible that if you were to know the depth of their life story that you might drop at their feet and cry for them. These people are not your enemy. Their pains and struggles are. And it is because of these realistic reasons that you must never allow yourself be terrified by a person whose main difference from you is simply his situation, options, benefits and stability. YOU are the superior to the criminal. Try to behave as such.

Here are 9 street smart lessons that will provide you with the tools to build and maintain protection around yourself when dealing with the most evasive, strategic, deceiving, and heartless creatures of planet earth. The human being. Unlike "self profiling" and "place" organizing, people change their positions, behavior and even intentions constantly so you have to monitor them, and adjust to what their behavior may be revealing about their intentions. You have to be sharp when dealing with people.

  1. What kind of people will you have with you? Are your friends trouble makers or naïve? The company that you are with in the streets ARE a part of what the streets are going to bring to you. Avoid people who think nothing will ever happen to them just because. Those are the types of people that criminals look to victimize and that type of person will constantly pull you into potentially dangerous situations. Also avoid being around trouble makers because they eventually will find it and you will get sucked right into it with them leading to becoming roadkill or jailbait! Bring sensible, caring, aware associates with you who understand potential danger and value human life.

  2. What kind of people are you going to possibly be around? You can always predict what might go wrong by the type of people who "might" be where you're going. Are you attending a concert or event with aggressive, obnoxious entertainers? Then there will more than likely be TONS of trouble makers in the crowd and criminals in the parking lot. Are you attending the political event of a highly controversial element? Then there will probably be violent activists there. You can predict "who" might be there by knowing "what" is going to happen while you are there. Use your head so you don't have to use your fists.

  3. What type of people could you encounter when entering and exiting the area? Many places are secure and safe on the inside but not the outsides. Venues spend most of their staff money on assuring that things are fantastic for the occupants, not the parking lot. Pay close attention to what type of people are surrounding the entrances and exit areas because this is where criminals will catch you off guard to attack you.

  4. What type of people can be attracted by the place or it's operation while you are there? Fancy cars attract car burglars and jackers. Fancy clothing and jewelry attracts robbers. Young teen girls and boys attract kidnappers. Entertainers attract inebriated and drugged people. Politicians (current ones) can attract violent extremists. Know who to look out for before they look for you and their behavior and positioning will give them away before they can even target you!

  5. What type of people are entering and/or occupying the area? When I say "type" YES I am speaking of profiling. Is the area that you're in starting fill up with or full of bikers, gang members, skaters, shady characters, drunks, drug users, protestors, obnoxious people, extreme sports fans, etc... You MUST always profile people to assume what they might do so you can position yourself steps ahead of their potential. If potential trouble makers are entering or occupying your area either leave, or position yourself as far away from them as possible. If you have no choice but to be near them, identify the exits and legally arm yourself just in case you have to respond to an inappropriate act.

  6. What are the people's expressions saying about their thoughts? People usually give away what they "want" or are planning to do through their expressions and gestures. Are people smiling, frowning, staring, stumbling, swelling up to look tough, being promiscuous? IS everyone getting along or sectioning off into segregated groups that appear to be against each other? Do people appear to be tense and on edge or comfortable and free?

  7. How are people interacting with you? Are they polite or rude? Did they greet you when they approached you or ignore and shun you? Are they trying to conversate with you or acting as if you don't exist? Are they engaging with you too much and invading your space? Is anyone going out of their way to help you feel comfortable or is it every man for himself? Noting how people treat you is a big tell tale of how they may treat you hours later. If you don't feel wanted somewhere, don't stay there.

  8. Who is there for safety? Are there police officers or security placed to assure safety? Are they armed and wearing vests? Are the they attentive and paying attention to the people or engaging with and behaving like one of them? Even though you should NEVER count on another person for your safety, it is nice if there are protective personnel around to discourage inappropriateness.

  9. Who's watching you? Is anyone staring at or following you? Do you see a certain person who may be slowly working his or her way closer to you? Are you noticing that a certain individual keeps showing up in the same places that you venture to? Does someone appear as if they are pretending to be occupied while assuring that you are always in their sights? If you think someone may be watching or following you change up what you're doing sporadically and repeat movements that wouldn't make sense for someone else to do. For instance, act as if you're rushing to leave or go to the bathroom but then immediately change directions and go back to where you were, then repeat this over and over to see what that person does. If that person is changing areas as much as you are then they may be lurking over you. If you learn that someone is following or watching you, send a security or staff person over to occupy them while you change areas and shake 'em off your tail!

Profiling people puts you steps ahead of potential danger. Use this tactic in a positive, fair manner. I am not teaching you to be biased or arrogant. Only cautious. Remember that people are not your enemy. Bad behavior is.

And THIS, a "way" of the "Warrior's Edge"! -Jermaine Andre'

Is "Art of Street Smarts" helping you to feel any safer? Do you like this strategy or disagree with it? Please comment and start liking articles that you enjoy. It guides me on which ones to write more about.

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