The training that is passed from Jermaine Andre' to the HONORED INSTRUCTORS is proudly rooted in a traditional background  that stems from true, accredited Martial Arts history.  Besides the authentication of training and certification from Hall of Famer, 2x World Champion, UFC Vet, & 5x U.S. Champion Jermaine Andre', their lineage stems graciously deeper to the following:  Kru Muay Pat Prapaisilapa who pioneered Muay Thai to America & St. Louis from Thailand in 1971, through Ron Smith.  Andre's Russian Sambo stems from Slava (pioneer of Russian Sambo to America from Russia).  His training in Defensive Tactics & Ethical Protocol for Security and Law Enforcement stem from Bill Underwood (originator of Defensive Tactics for law enforcement) through Mike Griffin (police trainer for SILEC Southern Illinois Law Enforcement Center).   He is a member of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association) and IMAC (International Martial Arts Council of America).

Jermaine is a world respected pioneer of the Mixed Martial Arts.  He has competed professionally in Japan, Canada, Hawaii, and Las Vegas as well as numerous states in the U.S. in MMA, Muay Thai, Japanese ShootBoxing, and Chinese San Shou Kick Boxing.  He retired with a record of 24 wins and 4 losses and retained all of his titles.

Jermaine Andre has had over 15 years in the field of security and body guarding high profile clientele and venues.   This occupation placed him in constant danger, sometimes life and death.  He learned quickly that different Martial Arts are effective in different situations, against different foes.  This helped to enlighten him of the truth to the common argument regarding a certain Martial Art being superior to others.  There was no superior Martial Art style.  Only superior Martial Artists.  He also learned quickly that the fighting techniques, strategies, and mentality that prevail in sport fighting, were not guaranteed to reach the same outcome in the streets. The conditions of the security field positioned Jermaine to acquire a complete understanding on the effectiveness of properly executed Awareness.  He also realized that Awareness could be used by anyone to protect themselves from ALL attacks, IF they took the time to learn the simple protocols. 


Jermaine gained a treasured gift through his experiences that he holds in higher regard than many of his other skills.  It is his ability to read and predict the intended act of another.  This ability to read others gave him the edge over his opponents in professional competition, and the jump on the bad guys during security situations.  Eventually Jermaine honed this skill to a status where he could coerce his opponent, or enemy to make the movements that he wanted them to make, leading to easy outcomes in his favor. Jermaine now uses his abilities to train body guards, bouncers, men, women, youth and competitors.  His instruction and guidance as Head Coach lead the Team Nelly St. Louis to win the Iron Ring CHAMPIONSHIP reality show.  His Team Andre’ competitors fought in NAGA National North American Grappling Association tournament with more than ½ of the team placing.  Jermaine has also placed winning fighters on Strikeforce, Bellator and more.


Today Jermaine finds his passion in transforming youth into honorable beings of courage and character.  His youth Martial Arts and Mental Toughness  training programs  convert young bullies into considerate youth, and meek, shy kids into courageous, outgoing leaders.  Andre’s programs also stake claim in the rejuvenation and redemption of many adults who credit their job promotions, relationship improvements, medical healing, stress relief, and more to his coaching and training. Today Jermaine Andre’ offers Martial Arts Fitness training and Mental Toughness Coaching, that guides participants up a path to master their true self. 


What is MMA?

Who is MMA for?

Why is MMA Effective?

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W.F.A. Middleweight World Champ

I.S.K.A. Light Cruiserweight Champ

U.S.S.B.A. Heavyweight World Champ

S.F.C. Cruiserweight Champ

S.F.C. Light Heavyweight Champ

U.F.C. (Ultimate Fighting Championships)

U.C.C. (Ultimate Combat Challenge) 

J.S.B.A. (Japan Shoot-boxing Association)

S.U.C. (Striker's Union Challenge)

K.I.C.K. (Karate International Council Kick-boxing)


Muay Thai Kickboxing – Instructor

Ground Fighting – Instructor

Submission Wrestling – Black Belt Instructor

P.A.W.S. Protection & Awareness For Women –Instructor

Legal & Ethical Protocol for the Use of Force – Instructor

Passive Countermeasures/Pain Compliance – Instructor

Active Countermeasures for Law Enforcement – Instructor

Use of Force Defensive Tactics – Instructor

Arrest and Control Techniques for Law Enforcement – Instructor

Handcuffing/Mechanical Restraint – Instructor

OC Pepper Spray & Aerosol Defense Training – Instructor

Weapons Control & Disarming – Instructor

Extend-a-baton & Impact Weapons – Instructor

Kubaton for self-defense & Police Use – Instructor

Ground Fighting Defense/Control/Escape – Instructor

Boxing For Self-Defense – Instructor

Psycho-motor Skill Design - Instructor

Reality Combative -  Black Belt Instructor

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