W.F.A. Middleweight World Champ

I.S.K.A. Light Cruiserweight Champ

U.S.S.B.A. Heavyweight World Champ

S.F.C. Cruiserweight Champ

S.F.C. Light Heavyweight Champ

U.F.C. (Ultimate Fighting Championships)

U.C.C. (Ultimate Combat Challenge) 

J.S.B.A. (Japan Shoot-boxing Association)

S.U.C. (Striker's Union Challenge)

K.I.C.K. (Karate International Council Kick-boxing)


Actor in Red Canvas MMA movie

Interviewed on  Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Interviewed on  Tyron Woodley Podcast

Interviewed on Survival Combat Podcast

Interviewed on  Northland News by Mike Ferguson

Interviewed on  ESPN International News

Interviewed & featured on Steve Savard’s Sports Channel 2

Interviewed & featured by Virginia Kerr, Channel 5

Featured 3 times in Grappling international fight magazine

Featured in Fight Sport international fight magazine

Featured twice in the St. Louis Riverfront Times (cover)

Featured in Twist magazine

Featured  3 times in The St. Louis American magazine

Featured  5 times in the Limelight magazine


Author of I.C.E. 

Author of The Fighter’s Bible

Author of Bouncers Bible

Author of Muay Thaiger

Author of  Dealing Effectively with Idiots

Author of Hard Core Philosophie

Author of Life University


Muay Thai Kickboxing – Instructor

Ground Fighting – Instructor

Submission Wrestling – Black Belt Instructor

P.A.W.S. Protection & Awareness For Women –Instructor

Legal & Ethical Protocol for the Use of Force – Instructor

Passive Countermeasures/Pain Compliance – Instructor

Active Countermeasures for Law Enforcement – Instructor

Use of Force Defensive Tactics – Instructor

Arrest and Control Techniques for Law Enforcement – Instructor

Handcuffing/Mechanical Restraint – Instructor

OC Pepper Spray & Aerosol Defense Training – Instructor

Weapons Control & Disarming – Instructor

Extend-a-baton & Impact Weapons – Instructor

Kubaton for self-defense & Police Use – Instructor

Ground Fighting Defense/Control/Escape – Instructor

Boxing For Self-Defense – Instructor

Psycho-motor Skill Design - Instructor

Reality Combative -  Black Belt Instructor

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