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This art of street smarts is the most important thing I can teach you about personal protection.  The #1 most important thing about defending yourself is AWARENESS.  

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Death Vow Of Life...

Jermaine's autobiography, "Muay Thaiger" tells his life struggle of constant combat & the battles to maintain his integrity through even life & death pressure.

More about Muay Thaiger

Who Is Jermaine Andre? 

Honored & Recognized by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame for contributing to the Martial Arts around the world.  

For his efforts to advance the teachings and traditions of the Martial Arts and dedicating his life to instill discipline, confidence and passion for the Martial Arts into the lives of his students and community around the globe.​

Jermaine Andre is a pioneer of professional MMA competition earning 7 titles & competing world wide including the UFC. 

He is a pioneer of the Mixed Martial Arts as well as the creator and Master Chief Instructor of "The MMA Black Belt Program", which he released to the community in 2006. 

Today in 2020 Jermaine continues to successfully teach his MMA Black Belt Program to adults, youth, law enforcement, elderly, disabled, athletes and more with no restrictions on who.

Jermaine's current campaign consist of educating everyday citizens about the practical and reliable use of Mixed Martial Arts for self-defense, fitness, personal wellness, relationship bonding, life structure, and fun. 

He specializes as a Warriorship mentor using the training and mental strengthening tactics of the Martial Arts to construct clients to become a guaranteed 3x better than they were before starting the program.

Street Combat Weapons

Any highly trained Martial Artist or combatant who is vetted with a pedigree of real, life risk fighting, can confirm that nothing ever happens during a real fight like it does on the training floor.

And it SHOULDN'T! The training floor is to be a safe place of trustworthy people all committed to a common goal of injury prevention, respect and productiveness for all involved.

Everything is the exact opposite on steroids in a self-defense street combat situation. We even become different. Because if we don't, we become the victim for those who do.

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How To Survive On The Streets As A Lawful Adult

The most valuable thing that we have to offer each other is information about our life experiences and the ways that we succeeded through them. 

This process of solidarity empowers us to empower another with the knowledge to avoid the mistakes that we could not dodge, and vice versa. The passing of information from person to person is a magical blessing to the receiver, of the advantaging strengths of an experience that he or she never has experienced. 

Most could never fathom that the passing of information is key to the development, progress, behavior, and existence of mankind. I, however observe it as a holy law over me as an author. 

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Street Smarts Self-Defense

Today’s criminals are younger, bolder and even smarter making them harder to identify, stop, or catch. And sadly, many of them are most likely Street Smart! They are playing on a game board and by a set of rules that only they know about.

If today’s hard working citizens plan to be safe from and to defeat these new age criminals at their unfair game, they are going to have to upgrade their game from the lessons of the civilized norm to The Art of Street Smarts 

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NEW State of the Art SELF-DEFENSE TOOL that goes ANYWHERE with you!

This self defense tool is small, compact and perfect for anyone to effectively use.  Women, Teenagers, and even our grandparents can utilize this to keep themselves safe. 

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Join our Warriors Edge Podcast

LifeFight is a radio show with U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer, 2x World Champion, 5x U.S. Champion, UFC Vet, Life Coach & Author, Jermaine Andre.

Jermaine with co-host Rebeckah Beck, will equip you with diverse ways to tackle situations for the fights in your life. LifeFight is complex, informative, hilarious, scary and fun!!

We discuss all sorts of popular topics while giving you a bold insight that many would never think of or speak on.

Enjoy this honest, funny, candid and thought-provoking conversation each week with the Tiger, Jermaine Andre. Subscribe for updates and share with your friends.

Free Resources

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Bear Hug Escape

Here are some highly effective, easy to execute techniques that you can use to force an immediate release from a person who is grabbing you in a front Bear Hug.

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Knife Defense

Fancy stuff doesn't work during a real attack with a real knife. The balance, tone, and rhythm alone make things unpredictable, confusing and scary. 

Here is a technique that is simple, effective and used by law enforcement, military, & security today!

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Peacekeyper Hammer Grip Strike

Here's how to STRIKE with the "Hammer Grip" hold for your Peacekeyper self-defense tool that goes everywhere you go.

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Client Testimonials

With❤️from clients

"Jermaine Andre is an American success story. We all face adversity in our lives and have made bad choices. Very few people are able to hold themselves accountable and embrace the past without letting it define their future. Jermaine had the courage to speak truth to an environment and culture that was destructive. In doing so, he put himself at risk to uplift others. That's a hero in my mind."

~Daniel Isom Retired St. Louis Police Chief

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